Congratulations Phil Wolfe

Tarson Pool’s Phil Wolfe recently received certification  from S. R. Smith on the new ADA Pool requirements.
According to Bob Tarson, president of Tarson Pool,  “We’re here to provide advice and appropriate products  to commercial pool owners and operators to help
them comply.”

Tarson Pools- Phil Wolfe

Tarson Pools- Phil Wolfe

Expert Insights on New ADA Pool Requirements

Accessible means of entry for pools” is the directive issued in the newly
revised Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  This new legislation was initially passed
on July 23, 2010 and became law on September 15, 2010 after being published in the
Federal Register.  This new legislation requires commercial swimming pools to institute
approved means of access for their pools on or before March 15, 2012.

Pool lifts are  considered a Primary  Means of Access by the ADA.

To learn more about ADA Pool Requirements contact us we are happy to help!

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