Installing an inground pool, what you should expect

Installing an inground pool and what you should expect: Part 1 of 3

This is the first part in our three part series designed to give our customers information you can take with you through the planning, installation and maintenance process for your new pool.

Site Selection:

Confirm on your survey that a pool will fit in the area you have chosen.  Contact your local township for guidelines on pool approval.  You must have the area you choose to place the pool approved and a permit must be granted in order for us to proceed.  This approval process could alter the size, shape or direction of your pool.

Site Selection

Site Selection

Once the desired pool location is approved, look at elevations and any pitches that will affect drainage to your pool or home.  We want to keep all water running away from the pool and home.  Gutters are usually needed to direct water away as well as sump pump lines. Please call us with any concerns about drainage or what might be found underground when digging starts so we can send out a field operations manager to asses the situation.

Obtaining a Permit:

Once you have a contract with Tarson Pools, you must contract with an electrician (gas/plumber if you have a gas pool heater), fence company and a landscaper.  Fence and landscape will be done after pool deck is installed.

*On your survey, map the pool for the town to approve.
*Have the electrician’s permit number to include on the permit form from the town. Your electrician will provide.
*Notify the fence company that you will need a temporary fence during the construction process.  You must keep the site secure and keep all children and pets away from the area.


Considering an inground pool for your home? Contact Tarson Pools and Spas to answer all your questions and walk you through the process. 315-458-8800 or visit TarsonPools.


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