Installing your inground pool what to expect part 2:

This is the second part in our three part series designed to give our customers information you can take with you through the planning, installation and maintenance process for your new pool.

Now that you have selected a site and obtained the proper permits it is time to begin installation. To learn more about the first two steps go here.


Once all the building materials have arrived, our project foreman will contact you to set up the start date.  We request that someone be home that first day of installation. Installing your new pool is a major construction project and we want our customers to understand the process fully.

Depending on the pool being installed, excavation takes 2 to 4 hours. The dirt will be left onsite and used later as backfill. If we need to remove extra dirt, we will invoice you per truckload as needed to remove from your property.  In some cases. extra dirt may be needed at an additional cost.

After grading and digging is completed, we will begin setting the pool/pool walls. This will be set on to virgin soil and will later be locked in with our premier footer mix that will be the solid foundation for your pool. Please let us know if you have had soil added to your pool area as this could affect installation. The footer mix is a special formula and is monitored from the plant. Once walls are set, we again shoot grade to confirm elevations and plumb.

Pool base will be hand troweled, again using a premium monitored mix that will shape the bottom of your pool as well as give the walls and support to the pool.  Please note that we hand trowel our pools to industry standards and are not able to screed as you would a floor.

We then will begin to set the liner in place, cutting out areas that need to be cut once we have it set.  The liners are grade A quality and will last for many years.  The skimmers and accessories will be installed at this time along with plumbing and all water connections. However, dive boards and reels will be installed at a later date.

At this time, our project foreman will advise you to start the process of installing the electrical components to your pool. Remember to include all purchased accessories so the electrician can install properly.  If you have a light on your pool, it must be braced properly by the electrician, as the pool will be backfilled after the final electrical inspection.  The pool should be grounded at this time and extra copper wire placed to ladder cups, handrails, slides, dive boards, etc.

Once the electrical is done and before we can backfill, the town must inspect our work and the electrician’s work.   This is for your protection.  Once you have your green tag, contact the project foreman to proceed with backfill.  Most towns are fast to respond and this will allow us to be approved to go back and backfill with the material on site.

Considering an inground pool for your home? Contact Tarson Pools and Spas to answer all your questions and walk you through the process. 315-458-8800 or visit TarsonPools.


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