Installing your inground pool, what to expect part 3:

This is the final part in our three-part series designed to give our customers information you can take with you through the planning, installation and maintenance process for your new pool.

Now that you have selected a site, obtained the proper permits, and the installation is complete,  now what?  To learn more about the prior steps go here and here.

The Pool Is In!!  Now What?

After backfill, we ask that you keep the soil moist for 2-3 weeks minimum.  This allows the ground to compact in preparation for your surrounding walk (if contracted).  If you are considering pavers, you must notify us before backfill because we need to quote you a different application.  If you are considering concrete, our pools are equipped with a solid deck support system that will allow us to install the deck in 2-3 weeks.

Once the deck is formed and the wire mesh is in place, there will be another electrical inspection.  Contact us once the electrician has grounded the mesh and pool.  With approval we can start the deck pour.   Please keep in mind that we are dependent on the weather and that can sometimes put us behind.  It is extremely important that we proceed with the proper weather conditions.   Please be patient during this time as it’s the final stage.  Once completed, the mason may ask you to keep the deck moist depending on the climate.


It is very important to keep water run-off away from the pool and deck with gutters, pumps, etc.  If you need drain tile, now is the time to install.  Water running to a pool will cause the liner/pool to shift and will void the warranty if not done.  Note that around the deck and under it, the soil will settle over time so it is necessary that dirt be added along the edges of concrete to prevent voids that could allow water to enter.  This may need to be done for several seasons in some cases. Our pools are equipped with a support system to the pool so the concrete will not shift.

If you purchased a dive board, reel, ladder or handrails, we will install 2 weeks after concrete is cured.  Please call us at (315) 458-2831 ext 322 to set up a time to install.

Water balance and maintenance are vital to the health of your pool.   Keep the pool chlorinated immediately from the fill up.  Adding 3-4 sticks depending on your pool size is necessary.  Keep the filters operating for 24 hours especially if you have a salt chlorinator as these will not purify the water when the filter is off therefore causing algae growth.

   *Corrosion due to improper water balance can cause damage to you pool’s equipment, liners and accessories and will void warranties.  Bring in pool water samples to any of our 6 locations for free advice and instructions on proper pool care.  It’s a simple procedure and we are more than willing to help.

Please make sure that your pool is closed properly to prevent damage from winter freeze. We offer a full service department that can close your pool professionally and efficiently.

(315) 458-2831  ext 322


To learn more about inground pools and their installation or the services that we offer visit us here.


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