Using Your Spa in Summer

A Spa Can Cool You Down or Warm You Up.
This summer is already one of the hottest on record in Central New York. When outside temperatures reach into the high 80‘s and 90‘s some people may think it’s too hot to use their outdoor spas. Quite the contrary–a hot tub can be a great place to chill out during a heat wave!
You can operate your spa at a lower temperature and still  receive the benefits of stress relief and muscle relaxation on those hot summer days. Any temperature above the body temperature will have a warming effect, so as the temperatures dip in the evening, you might want to turn the temperature up a bit. Any temperature that is colder than the body temperature will have a cooling effect. Some customers who don’t have swimming pools tell us that they turn their spa heater off completely and use their spa like a pool! The bubbling water adds to the refreshing feel of the cool water.

To maintain your spa’s cooler water temperature be sure to leave the spa covered during the day when not in use. Your spa is naturally insulated and will maintain the cooler water temperature. Proper water balance and circulation will be extremely important to maintain with the water at  a cooler temperature. To learn more about spa maintenance read this post.

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