Owning a Hot Tub: Easy Maintenance in 6 Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered if you could afford a hot tub?  Most people CAN! And they’re perfect for CNY (yes, even winters) and easy to maintain too if you follow these simple steps:

1) Make sure your chemical levels are within the guidelines. For example, maintain a balanced pH level according to the chemical maunfacturer’s instructions. Water should be tested about once a week or more depending on use. (Check manufacturer guidelines.)When adding chemicals, do so one at a time in two hour intervals.

2) Clean your filter regularly. Insects, leaves, etc. may make their way into your filter and affect how it runs.

3) Sanitize your hot tub with chemicals to keep it clean. Many people use chlorine, but for a less harsh smell and effect on your skin, try bromine instead. It can be placed in by granules, tablets or nuggets and kills bacteria and germs. Other options include a mineral purifier or ozone, which lower the need for bromine or chlorine.

4) On average, change your water about every 90 days. This ensures the health of your hot tub and that you have the cleanest water experience. Check your manual for the formula on how often you should change your water. It’s determined by usage.

5) Use shock oxidizers to keep your water looking clear and to help break down things such as lotion, sweat, dirt, skin oil, etc. There are chlorine or non-chlorine shocks to choose from.

*Helpful hint: detergent on a bathing suit can cause your water to foam, so before entering the hot tub rinse your suit.

6) Leave your hot tub on at all times. This will circulate the water and keep things from building up, such as algae or dirt.

* Helpful hint: set the desired temperature and then give your hot tub about 30 minutes before getting in to achieve the perfect experience.

The specific maintenance of your hot tub is unique to the brand, model and size, so you can purchase a spa that fits your lifestyle. The experience of enjoying a hot tub far outweighs the basic upkeep responsibilities that go along with being a hot tub owner.

If you have any questions we would be happy to hear from you.


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