Things You Should Consider When Shopping for a Hot Tub


Central NY is the perfect place for a hot tub. The flexibility and variety of hot tubs offered allow you to enjoy your water oasis during the ever-changing seasons. Purchasing a hot tub is unique in that there are many factors that go into the selection process. We will answer the most common questions about the purchasing process and provide tips on how to find the perfect hot tub for your home.

1. Where should my hot tub go?
You can choose between an indoor or outdoor hot tub. The possibility of having either depends on whether the space meets the criteria to sustain it. For an indoor hot tub you’ll need to know whether or not the floor can hold its weight and if the ventilation is able to release steam from the room. If it’s installed outdoors, you’ll need accessibility to the proper electrical wiring to power your hot tub. We recommend working with the contractor to ensure the space selected can meet all the requirements.

2. What will I need to purchase?
For any hot tub we recommend the best cover offered for that particular model. Not only will the cover save you money by retaining heat, but it will also prevent outside elements from entering the water. This will keep the water healthy, reducing the need for cleaning and chemicals.

If you have children, you’ll want to consider a lock for the cover. This is a safety precaution to ensure no one enters the hot tub without supervision. You also have the option of purchasing stairs to make it easier to enter your hot tub.

3. What size or type of hot tub should I get?
Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes and are meant to fit with your lifestyle. If you have a family or will use your hot tub for social gatherings, a larger model is the way to go. The smallest size offered fits 2 people whereas the largest size fits 6+ comfortably, so there’s definitely a hot tub that meets your needs.

A question to ask yourself is, what will I use my hot tub for? If you’re looking for it to ease muscle tension, pain, or any physical discomfort, then find a model that has jets located near the areas that need attention. If you’re looking to use it for fitness, ask your salesperson about fitness spas. You can also add accessories such as color lights, a music player and other fun add-ons to customize to your liking.

4. How much will it all cost?
Beyond your hot tub price tag, there are a few factors to look into in order to estimate how much you will be paying in electricity and chemical costs. How often you use your hot tub will heavily determine these costs. If you use it frequently or for longer periods of time, this will increase your electricity bill and need for chemicals. How large, what style, and your local climate will also determine the costs. Find out the rates from your local electrical company and discuss with your sales rep how you can estimate your monthly payments.

5. What kind of support will I receive once the hot tub is installed?
It’s very important to know what you’ll be getting after the sale. We’ll let you know exactly what is covered by warranty and the best practices to keep your hot tub healthy. We’ll also make recommendations when it comes to chemicals and parts to make sure you have the most cost-efficient and up-to-date parts and products.

We offer a wide selection of spas and hot tubs from two highly reputable manufacturers: Jacuzzi and Life’s Great Spas. We are confident you’ll find what you’re looking for and at a price you can afford. If you are interested in getting a hot tub for this fall season, stop in today to learn more.


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