Hot Tub Myths: The Facts Behind the Fiction


It’s easy to fall for some of the myths about home hot tubs. Tarson Pools and Spas has been in the hot tub industry for over 30 years, so as experts in the field, we are able to dispel the false information about owning and maintaining a hot tub. Here are some of the most common myths and the truth behind them

Myth: Purchasing the least expensive hot tub in the store will save me money.
Fact: This statement is misleading because although you may save more money during the purchasing process, you might end up spending more down the road in maintenance. Low price spas can have less efficient insulation, pumping, heating or other essential actions. We recommend purchasing a hot tub with a higher MSRP during a promotion so that you get a quality spa for a price you can afford.
Tip: When purchasing a clearance hot tub, ask why it’s on sale. If it’s a discontinued model, ask your sales rep if you’ll still be able to purchase necessary parts in the future.

Myth: All jets perform the same function, so the more the better.
Fact: Jets are a great hot tub feature, but did you know they serve more than one function? There are massaging and pulsating jets, which perform two beneficial, but different functions. If you’re looking for the jets to massage certain areas of the body, find a model with jets that are located in the target areas. If you want jets that pulsate without a target area, find a model with the proper amount of jets for the size of your family.
Tip: If you’re purchasing a hot tub for health reasons, ask your sales rep about strength, position and function options on the spas they carry.

Myth: If the water has a strong chemical odor, the water must be clean.
Fact: A healthy hot tub will have a very light chemical odor. If the odor is strong, this could mean the water’s pH is not balanced or there are chloramines, water contaminants such as body oils or perspiration in your spa. Check your water’s pH balance to see if it is between 7.4-7.6. If the pH appears to be balanced, consult with a chemical expert at your hot tub supplier.
Tip: Check your pH balance every day to avoid chemical odor and imbalances. Also, check your filter frequently because this affects the health of the hot tub.

Myth: It’s okay to use household chemicals like antifreeze and bleach for my hot tub.
Fact: To avoid the hot tub water from freezing, some have tried adding antifreeze to the water to slow the process. Antifreeze is not only toxic to the skin, but it’s also very difficult to pass through the hot tub’s system. You can avoid this problem by winterizing your spa.
Using bleach to sanitize your hot tub water or cover is not a safe practice. It can irreparably damage the hot tub’s finish and the cover material. Use only the chemicals recommended when maintaining or cleaning your hot tub.
Tip: High levels of bromine or chlorine can act similarly to bleach and damage the hot tub. This is another good reason to test the water’s pH every day.

Myth: Chlorine is what causes my eyes to turn red and burn in the water.
Fact: Chlorine can cause slight skin irritation, but it’s not what is causing your eye irritation. The irritation is most likely due to alkalinity or an imbalanced pH. High alkalinity leads to the water becoming caustic and a low pH causes the water to become acidic. This is true of hot tubs as well as pools.
Tip: If your eyes become irritated, rinse them with warm water and dry them off lightly with a clean towel.

Myth: I don’t need to use chemicals in my hot tub because I have an Ozonator.
Fact: Although having an Ozonator reduces the need for chemicals, you still need to use the chemical cocktail recommended by your spa retailer. Ozone must be used with another sanitizer to maintain healthy water.
Tip: There is no hot tub on the market that only requires an ozone system to sanitize hot tub water. Jacuzzi offers highly innovative hot tubs systems that give you choices on water maintenance plans.

We hope disproving these myths and providing helpful tips will make your owning or purchasing a hot tub  a lot easier. If you have any questions on the information given, or on other hot tub topics, give us a call at (315) 458-8800. Hot tub promotions are going on now, so ask a sales rep about the offers available!


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  1. This is very useful information, I have been in the hot tub business for over 14 years and really this information can be very useful for customers. I delivery spas for many retailer stores and I have seen many of this myths being believe by hot tub users plenty of times, especially the wrong idea of no sanitizer needed because of ozonator and the sad part is that many times customer believe this because it was used as the sale pitch. Also many time I have seen customers returning their low cost hot tub because of lack of powers or it was so small that two persons went in over flow… so be careful about low cost spas, there is usually a good reason way they are so cheap. Now it is different when there is a sale. I have encounter many times hot tubs that have been damage because of excessive chemical use (jets, heater, cover, acrylic discoloration) if your spa have strong chemical smell something is wrong, the right amount of chemical leave a very soft smell. I have people using bleach and baking soda to maintain their water, please don’t do it…

    Well, I really enjoy the post. Thank you…


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