Holiday Gift Ideas: Billiard Table

brixton_previewIs your family on Santa’s naughty or nice list? If you’ve made it to the nice list (and of course you have), then we have a great idea that will get the family playing together and loving it. How about a new billiards table?

Why choose a billiard table?

A Style for Everyone                                                                                                        There are many different styles to choose from to fit any space and any budget.

Customizable                                                                                                                               You can customize the look of your billiard table with a choice of different felt colors. For the sports fans out there, Imperial has billiard tables and accessories for ALL NFL, NBA and MLB teams!  GO SU!

Bring the Entertainment Home                                                                                       It can get costly to go out with the kids and have a fun time. Having a billiard table can make your house the place to be. The kids will love to gather and have fun. Adults will also have fun entertaining.

Bring Back Family Game Night
It is hard to get the family all together.   Sometimes family time gets pushed to the background. Playing pool is a great activity for the family to engage in no matter the time of day or season. Form a family team and take on the neighbors, a great way to build a family bond.

A Lasting Christmas Gift
This gift will not be broken and discarded with the next week’s garbage. A billiard table is built to last. You can enjoy it for years and can even pass it down through generations. It’s a gift that will never go out of style, so you’ll feel it was money well spent.

Build New Memories
Billiards has been a favorite American pastime for years and years. You may have memories playing with your parents or grandparents and you can build those memories with your children and grandchildren by having a table in your home.

Tarson Pools and Spas is proud to be the exclusive dealer of Brunswick and Imperial billiard tables and accessories. We also have poker tables, and air hockey tables to fit any budget and to compliment any game room. Please call us at (315) 458-8800 if you have any questions regarding our billiard lines, or other holiday gift ideas.



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