Our Services:

Weekly Monitoring
of Pool


  • Weekly visit
  • Vacuum pool
  • Clean filter/ degrease
  • Water testing
  • Balancing of all chemicals

Pool Opening & Closing

Opening includes:

  • Start up of all equipment/make
    sure in working order
  • Removal of cover
  • Water testing
  • Adding start up chemicals

Closing includes:

  • Disconnect all equipment/winterizing
    any necessary equipment, heater, etc.
  • Water testing
  • Addition of winterizing chemicals
  • Blow out in ground pool lines
  • Put on winter cover
Other Services

We do a great deal of other pool service including:

  • Liner estimates and installation
  • Pump and filter repair and replacement
  • Pressure testing of lines
  • Heater repair and installation
  • Orientations

Call Us Today
(315)458-8800 or contact us

** Please note: Pool must be maintained during week for best results.

** Chemicals not included in package pricing.

** Parts are not included in package pricing.


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