Enhancing Your Pool Purchase

vanquishWhen buying a pool there are many questions that you must answer before making your final decision. One question that you should answer is what type of circulation and cleaning system will you install in your backyard oasis. In our first entry in our “Enhancing Your Pool Purchase” blog series we will give you information on the Vanquish in-floor circulation and cleaning system to see if this might be the right fit for you and your pool.

How the Vanquish in-floor circulation and cleaning system works:

  1. Warm, clean water is pumped through the six port water valve and is distributed to all areas of the pool
  2. Your pool is divided into separate cleaning zones, which are turned on and off by the six port water valve
  3. Each zone has a system of rotating cleaning pop-up jets placed in the floors and down jets placed in the walls. One by one the six port water valve delivers filtered water to each zone of the pool
  4. They work together to clean your pool by sweeping debris to the pool’s main drain and skimmer area.

While the Vanquish in floor circulation and cleaning system is cleaning your pool it is also circulating water. This system is better than a traditional pool system because it circulates the water evenly throughout every square inch of your pool instead of just circulating the water on top.

Circulation benefits:

  1. Because the Vanquish system circulates water through every square inch of your pool, there are no dead zones where algae can grow
  2. Less chemicals are needed
  3. Eliminates cold spots for a more comfortable swimming experience
  4. Saves on energy costs for the life of the pool
  5. Better for the environment: the chemicals are better circulated, thus less are lost into the atmosphere

Cleaning benefits:

  1. Non-contact cleaning, extends the life of a vinyl liner
  2. Cleans while you relax and have fun
  3. Once done cleaning, it disappears back into the pool floor, no clean up or storage of equipment
  4. The system leaves your pool swim ready

The Vanquish system is built to last and comes with a lifetime limited warranty on all cleaning jets within the system.

If you would like to enjoy your pool instead of taking time to clean it, then the Vanquish in-floor circulation and cleaning system may be the right fit for you. Call us today for more information or to meet with a sales representative (315) 458-8800.


Choosing Your Pool: Radiant Pool Edition

YellowHouseBlueLagoonPool season is just around the corner, so for the second entry in our “Choosing Your Pool” blog series we are sharing about Radiant Pools. When you start your pool shopping, be sure to include this one in your research. Learn how Radiant Pools are great for CNY residents and what you should consider to determine if one is right for you.

1. Built to last
What sets this pool apart from the rest is in its design. Radiant Pools use the same technology used in the construction of aircrafts, which makes the pool walls stronger than steel, polymer and even concrete. You never have to worry about the sustainability of your Radiant Pool because the walls will never rust, warp or crack.

2. Customizable
Radiant Pools come in 9 shape options with numerous sizes to choose from. This makes it easier to fit into every shape and size backyard. There are also 20 choices for liner styles, so you can personalize your pool with the look and feel of the liner.

3. Swim longer
The built-to-last insulated wall panels help your pool water heat up faster and keep it warmer longer. This means you can start your swimming season earlier and swim later. The average Radiant Pool extends your swim season by 2 months!

4. Environmentally friendly
A Radiant Pool is an investment that you can feel good about because it helps to lessen your footprint. The materials used to construct Radiant Pools are ozone friendly and 100% recyclable. They are the only energy efficient and environmentally smart pools on the market.

5. Warranty
Radiant Pools are 100% made in the USA and come with a 100% lifetime warranty that can be transferred to new owners if you should ever sell your home. Also, if your purchase is financed through a home equity loan, your interest is considered tax deductible.

1. A Radiant Pool will cost on average $3,000 more than an ordinary steel pool up front, but because of the energy-efficient insulated wall panels you will see a $3,275 energy savings return in just 5 years!

Purchasing a Radiant Pool is a smart choice because of their dependability, so this summer experience the numerous benefits in one of your very own! Call us today for more information or to meet with a sales representative (315) 458-8800. Check back for our next post in this series to learn why Fiberglass Pools are the most personalized pool yet!

Why Purchasing Local Bulk Chemical Packages Can Save You Time and Money


May has finally arrived and soon it will be time to open your pool. Once the cover is off it’s time to add the perfect cocktail of chemicals to keep your pool balanced and clean. We want you to save this summer, so here are 5 reasons you can benefit from buying local bulk chemical packages for your pool.

1. Reduce Trips to the Store
There are certain chemicals you will rely on to make sure your pool is healthy. Once you know what products those are and how much you will need for your pool’s size, you can purchase a package that will keep you well stocked for the summer. Instead of driving to the store every time you need a refill, you’ll have what you need on hand.

2. No More Waiting in Line
With our new bulk package ordering system you will be able to order online or call your neighborhood store to place your package order. You have the option of paying in advance, or at the closest store. Once the package is ready you will go to a special checkout to finish the transaction or pick up the package and go with no waiting in line!

3. Save Money
Purchasing a bulk chemicals package will save you money and you will spend less on gas because you’ll make fewer trips to the store. We guarantee our packages will beat any national retailers’ price and assure that our packages only contain what your pool needs. We also provide options when it comes to the packages for purchase. We offer a BioGuard brand package or the Tarson brand package. BioGuard is a premium brand for the pool owner who wants the best chemicals to treat their pool. The Tarson brand is a high-quality, yet economical brand for exceptional pool care for any budget.

4. Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need
When national retailers put together bulk packages, they don’t have your unique pool in mind. You could be buying extra chemicals you don’t need while not buying enough of the chemicals you do. Our packages have adequate dosing based on experience in this region, so you get the right type and quantity of necessary chemicals every time.

5. Save On Shipping
All of our packages can be picked up at our 6 locations, so you don’t have to pay high shipping fees. Not to mention you will be able to talk with an expert who knows your pool as opposed to a salesperson out of the area.

This summer spend less time in your car and more time in your pool by stocking up on your chemicals. We also offer 24-hour water testing drop off and same day water analysis at all Tarson Pools locations. Just leave your sample in the water-testing drop off box and we will send you your results the next day. Stop in to your neighborhood Tarson Pools location for expert advice on pool chemicals and visit tarsonpools.com/pages/bulkchemicals.htm to browse our bulk chemical packages and other discounted items.

The Best Time to Buy a Swimming Pool and the Steps to Take Before You Purchase

Summer may seem far away, but buying a pool requires time and thought. Researchers agree that the best time to purchase a pool is in the winter. Why? There are off-season discounts, you can receive a top spot on the spring install list and it gives you time to research the right pool before the spring rush. (Not to mention it makes a great Christmas gift!) Here are some things you should consider before buying your pool.

1. Visualize your dream pool
You may already know what kind of pool you are interested in. If not, look at photographs of pools and highlight what you like or dislike about each. You can bring the photographs to your consultation and receive feedback on the possibilities. This way we can customize it exactly to your liking.

2. Know your needs
Do you require a pool that has enough room for your exercise routine or is shallow enough for your young children? Your pool can provide much more than recreation, so make sure it fits your personal lifestyle.

3. Research building permits and local building codes
Before selecting your pool, find out what your yard can accommodate and what local regulations your community has on pool installations. This is important to know because many codes require fences, which will need to be factored into the layout.

4. Decide on the type of pool
Now that you know your needs and all of the regulations you can choose the type that works best for you. Steel pools are long lasting and affordable. Fiberglass pools have a strong defense against contaminants and have the fastest construction time. Polymer pools have fantastic warranties and are one of the newer innovations in pools. Lastly, Radiant Pools are perfect for Syracuse since they are energy efficient and, on average, 8°F warmer.

5. Create a budget
We will help you get what you want at a price you can afford. Things to factor into this budget are initial pool installation and long-term costs. This way you know exactly what you are getting and for how much. It is always easier to commit to what you really want than change things along the way, so be careful of settling based on price.

6. Safety is a priority
You know your environment better than anyone. Install safety features where  necessary or when required such as child locks, alarms, or a secure fence.

7. Create the look
Once you know how your pool will look, how will you complement it? Will you need patio furniture, new tile surrounding the pool or pool toys? With a trained eye we can assist you in creating the perfect pool landscape.

8. Ask questions
If you are unsure about what pool is right for you, what maintenance a pool requires, or any of the other responsibilities that come with being a pool owner, ask us! We will help you every step of the way.

If you would like to meet with us for more information, or take advantage of our $900 off an above ground, 24ft Radiant Pool* give us a call at (315) 458-8800.


*Example of Radiant Pool

Closing Your Inground Pool in 7 Easy Steps

Sadly, it’s that time again. The temperature is beginning to drop and it’s time to close your pool for the season. If you couldn’t make it to our pool school, we’ve got you covered. Here are some quick and easy steps to getting your inground pool ready for winter.

1) Vacuum and Test
The cleaner your pool is when it’s closed, the cleaner it will be when it reopens. Leaving debris and leaves in your pool increases the risk of staining and results in a higher demand for chemicals, so be thorough. Check your water chemistry to ensure it is balanced. We can do it for free here at Tarson in 5 minutes. Doing this will optimize your water balance and make sure you are getting the full potential out of your chemicals.

*If your water is green or discolored, address this before closing your pool.

2) Add Winter Chemicals
Once the water is tested and balanced, add your winter chemicals as directed. In most cases, the pump should be on. DO NOT add  the chemicals into the skimmer. Allow the chemicals to circulate for 2-4 hours before continuing the process.

3) Remove Hardware
Remove all ladders, toys, diving boards, etc. Reduce wear by placing them in a dry, safe environment so you can enjoy them next season.

4) Drop the Water Level
Change the valve in front of your pump to select the Port 2 setting (the main suction line) and then set your filter to the drain (waste) position. Drain the pool water level 2-4 inches below the bottom of the skimmer.

* If you choose not to drain the pool water level, use a Blowout Extension. It allows you to reduce the force taken by the skimmer when the water freezes.

5) Filtration and Circulation Removal
Disconnect the filter, pump and heater from their lines and pull the plugs so they can drain. Store the pump indoors and use a Pump Protector to prevent seals from going bad. DO NOT place the sand filter indoors. The sand filter often weight hundreds of pounds. If the sand in the filter shifts  it could result in the internals of the filter breaking. DE filters should be cleaned and acid washed before being stored indoors.

6) Blow Out Lines
Select the Port 1 section on the valve to blow out the skimmer line. Using a blower or shop-vac, blow into the valve to push all of the water out of the skimmer lines and return lines. The air will come out of the closest return line first, so plug the line with a 1.5” winter plug then move on to the next. Now that all of the lines are blown out, add nontoxic antifreeze. Use a minimum of 1/2 gallon for every line. For the main drain, which cannot be blown out, use a full gallon of antifreeze.

7) Cover Pool
Place the cover over your pool so that it comfortably fits flat on the water. You don’t want your cover to be tight or strained because this may lead to tearing. Place the water bags inside of the designated straps (on inground pools)  to weigh down the cover. Fill the water bags half way to leave room for expansion. Place them end to end to avoid wind moving the cover. For extra weight, spray an inch or two of water on the cover.

For more details or specific information, contact us at (315) 458-2831.

Proper Water Balance and Your Pool Liner

A number of factors determine the life of your pool liner.  The average life of an in-ground pool liner is about 8-10 years.  With good care, they can last much longer, even 20 years or more.  Assuming that the liner fits and was installed correctly, the most important factor is water chemistry.  Keep the water in balance and properly sanitized.  It might sound simple, but keep the pool clean!  Usually, your pool only needs a few minutes per day, but it is an important few minutes. THE most important factor that determines the life of your pool liner is water chemistry.


Special coating protects vinyl liners that make them withstand the extreme sun, temperatures and constant exposure to treated water but you can help maintain your liner life by following these steps:


– Keep Proper pH levels: Proper pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.6, which should be tested daily. When your pH level drops below 7.0 this can cause your liner to discolor, swell and create unwanted wrinkles. Having a pool with a higher than 7.6 pH level accelerates the aging process of your pool.

– Careful with Chlorine: Chlorine abuse is major cause of liner degradation. Keeping your pool’s chlorine level too low will not kill enough of the bacteria in the water. While chlorine levels that are kept too high can attack your liner and cause bleaching.  It is important to note that if you are using granular chlorine dissolve it completely in a bucket of water first before putting it into your pool. Never allow chlorine to come in contact with your liner before it has been dissolved.  It is a best practice to run your circulating pump for a minimum of four hours after the addition of chemicals.

– Water Levels: Although your pool liner is coated to protect against the sun, it is extremely important to keep your pool full of water at all times. When the water level of your pool gets low it exposes your liner to the sun that can lead to drying out and shrinking.

– Keep your Liner Clean: Your pool will develop a “bathtub” ring above the water line. It is important to keep this area clean as these contaminants that include body oils, suntan lotions and airborne contaminants can get “baked” onto your liner causing it to crack and dry out. To clean this area you should talk with us about what products will work best for your liner. DO NOT use CLR or household cleaning products.

 – Chemicals: More is not better when it comes to chemicals. Do not add more chemicals than needed to your pool. This can cause your pool liner to disintegrate and also can be very expensive.



Installing your inground pool, what to expect part 3:

This is the final part in our three-part series designed to give our customers information you can take with you through the planning, installation and maintenance process for your new pool.

Now that you have selected a site, obtained the proper permits, and the installation is complete,  now what?  To learn more about the prior steps go here and here.

The Pool Is In!!  Now What?

After backfill, we ask that you keep the soil moist for 2-3 weeks minimum.  This allows the ground to compact in preparation for your surrounding walk (if contracted).  If you are considering pavers, you must notify us before backfill because we need to quote you a different application.  If you are considering concrete, our pools are equipped with a solid deck support system that will allow us to install the deck in 2-3 weeks.

Once the deck is formed and the wire mesh is in place, there will be another electrical inspection.  Contact us once the electrician has grounded the mesh and pool.  With approval we can start the deck pour.   Please keep in mind that we are dependent on the weather and that can sometimes put us behind.  It is extremely important that we proceed with the proper weather conditions.   Please be patient during this time as it’s the final stage.  Once completed, the mason may ask you to keep the deck moist depending on the climate.


It is very important to keep water run-off away from the pool and deck with gutters, pumps, etc.  If you need drain tile, now is the time to install.  Water running to a pool will cause the liner/pool to shift and will void the warranty if not done.  Note that around the deck and under it, the soil will settle over time so it is necessary that dirt be added along the edges of concrete to prevent voids that could allow water to enter.  This may need to be done for several seasons in some cases. Our pools are equipped with a support system to the pool so the concrete will not shift.

If you purchased a dive board, reel, ladder or handrails, we will install 2 weeks after concrete is cured.  Please call us at (315) 458-2831 ext 322 to set up a time to install.

Water balance and maintenance are vital to the health of your pool.   Keep the pool chlorinated immediately from the fill up.  Adding 3-4 sticks depending on your pool size is necessary.  Keep the filters operating for 24 hours especially if you have a salt chlorinator as these will not purify the water when the filter is off therefore causing algae growth.

   *Corrosion due to improper water balance can cause damage to you pool’s equipment, liners and accessories and will void warranties.  Bring in pool water samples to any of our 6 locations for free advice and instructions on proper pool care.  It’s a simple procedure and we are more than willing to help.

Please make sure that your pool is closed properly to prevent damage from winter freeze. We offer a full service department that can close your pool professionally and efficiently.

(315) 458-2831  ext 322


To learn more about inground pools and their installation or the services that we offer visit us here.

Installing your inground pool what to expect part 2:

This is the second part in our three part series designed to give our customers information you can take with you through the planning, installation and maintenance process for your new pool.

Now that you have selected a site and obtained the proper permits it is time to begin installation. To learn more about the first two steps go here.


Once all the building materials have arrived, our project foreman will contact you to set up the start date.  We request that someone be home that first day of installation. Installing your new pool is a major construction project and we want our customers to understand the process fully.

Depending on the pool being installed, excavation takes 2 to 4 hours. The dirt will be left onsite and used later as backfill. If we need to remove extra dirt, we will invoice you per truckload as needed to remove from your property.  In some cases. extra dirt may be needed at an additional cost.

After grading and digging is completed, we will begin setting the pool/pool walls. This will be set on to virgin soil and will later be locked in with our premier footer mix that will be the solid foundation for your pool. Please let us know if you have had soil added to your pool area as this could affect installation. The footer mix is a special formula and is monitored from the plant. Once walls are set, we again shoot grade to confirm elevations and plumb.

Pool base will be hand troweled, again using a premium monitored mix that will shape the bottom of your pool as well as give the walls and support to the pool.  Please note that we hand trowel our pools to industry standards and are not able to screed as you would a floor.

We then will begin to set the liner in place, cutting out areas that need to be cut once we have it set.  The liners are grade A quality and will last for many years.  The skimmers and accessories will be installed at this time along with plumbing and all water connections. However, dive boards and reels will be installed at a later date.

At this time, our project foreman will advise you to start the process of installing the electrical components to your pool. Remember to include all purchased accessories so the electrician can install properly.  If you have a light on your pool, it must be braced properly by the electrician, as the pool will be backfilled after the final electrical inspection.  The pool should be grounded at this time and extra copper wire placed to ladder cups, handrails, slides, dive boards, etc.

Once the electrical is done and before we can backfill, the town must inspect our work and the electrician’s work.   This is for your protection.  Once you have your green tag, contact the project foreman to proceed with backfill.  Most towns are fast to respond and this will allow us to be approved to go back and backfill with the material on site.

Considering an inground pool for your home? Contact Tarson Pools and Spas to answer all your questions and walk you through the process. 315-458-8800 or visit TarsonPools.

Congratulations Phil Wolfe

Tarson Pool’s Phil Wolfe recently received certification  from S. R. Smith on the new ADA Pool requirements.
According to Bob Tarson, president of Tarson Pool,  “We’re here to provide advice and appropriate products  to commercial pool owners and operators to help
them comply.”

Tarson Pools- Phil Wolfe

Tarson Pools- Phil Wolfe

Expert Insights on New ADA Pool Requirements

Accessible means of entry for pools” is the directive issued in the newly
revised Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  This new legislation was initially passed
on July 23, 2010 and became law on September 15, 2010 after being published in the
Federal Register.  This new legislation requires commercial swimming pools to institute
approved means of access for their pools on or before March 15, 2012.

Pool lifts are  considered a Primary  Means of Access by the ADA.

To learn more about ADA Pool Requirements contact us we are happy to help!

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