Billiard Tables: A Holiday Gift Gem


Stuck on what to get the family this holiday season? Get a gift they’ll all love- a brand new billiard table! It entertains people of all ages and provides other benefits that contribute to building family memories. Here are a few reasons you should consider a billiard table this holiday season:

1. Bring back family time
With trying to accommodate busy schedules, weather conditions and appealing to everyone’s interests, it can be difficult to schedule that important family time. Playing pool is a great activity for the family to engage in no matter the time of day or season. You can also team up during a game, which encourages teamwork and bonding.

2. Be the ultimate entertainment destination
Having a billiard table can make your house the place to be. Instead of having to go out for entertainment, your children can invite their friends over and enjoy the game room. It’s also a great means of fun for adults, providing great interaction and can act as an icebreaker for new friends.

3. Decorate your family room
Whether you already have a family room or are looking to redecorate that one room no one uses, either can be improved with the addition of a billiard table. Those designed by Imperial and Brunswick are made to enhance any room. Choose from tables crafted from fine wood or designed with your favorite sports team logo. We even have Syracuse University tables and accessories! Customize your table to be the centerpiece of your game room.

4. A purchase that will last
Unlike some other games or gifts, a billiard table is built to last. You can enjoy it for years and can even pass it down through generations. It’s a gift that will never go out of style, so you’ll feel it was money well spent.

5. Build new memories
Billiards has been a favorite American pastime for years and years. You may have memories playing with your parents or grandparents and you can build those memories with your children and grandchildren by having a table in your home.

Tarson Pools and Spas is proud to be the exclusive dealer of Brunswick and Imperial billiard tables. If you have any questions about our billiard lines, or other holiday gift ideas we would be happy to help. Hurry in while our selection of billiard tables is 20% off from now until December 15. Happy Holidays!