Hot Tubs: A Great Addition to Any Home

Coupleclose_NightFireWouldn’t it be great to come home from a long day at work and climb into your own Hot Tub to soak away all the stress and aches and pains of the work day? There are many wonderful advantages to owning a hot tub, but did you know it provides health benefits beyond stress relief? Whether you have a chronic condition or just need a way to relax, a hot tub can help enhance your life and health. Here are some conditions that can be helped with a Hot Tub:

Sleeping Problems
Spas are a great way to reduce stress, a common variable in sleep disorders. The decrease in body temperature when you exit the spa helps induce the feeling of tiredness. It is recommended you spend 15 minutes in a hot tub about 90 minutes before going to bed in order to improve the quality of your sleep.

Circulation and Blood Pressure
The massaging jets and warm water stimulate impulses of the nerves and help with blood flow, digestion and boosts your immune system. The heat also helps open up blood vessels, decreasing blood pressure.

Muscle Tension and Joint Pain
The warm temperatures of a hot tub relax your muscles and the buoyancy of the water takes pressure off the joints. These can help with pain or discomfort associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and other conditions. Massaging jets relieve pressure on your nerves and reduce tension in your body. Having multiple jets saves time by focusing on different areas at one time and you can control their intensity to accommodate your body’s needs.

Type 2 Diabetes
Participating regularly in hot tub therapy can help with symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, such as improving sleep, lowering your blood sugar, and losing weight. The buoyancy and water resistance contribute to light exercise routines that lead to weight loss and heart health. Consult with your doctor before trying hot tub therapy in order to ensure proper practices.

Enhance the therapeutic benefits of your hot tub by using the Spazazz line of products that are specially formulated for spa and bath use. These all natural blends of sensual aromas and moisturizing botanicals are spa-safe and oil-free, so they will not affect a hot tub’s pH balance or leave any oily residue behind. The therapeutic benefits of these products are numerous. They include such properties as being a natural remedy for aches and pains, an anti-inflammatory, a muscle relaxant for tension and stress, and a skin moisturizer.

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With all these great health benefits and relaxation products, it just makes sense to have a Hot Tub for your Family!

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The Therapeutic Uses of the Family Spa:

Muscle relief  is one of the most often thought of therapeutic uses for spas, but did you know owning a hot tub can help you get a better night’s sleep and other healthy results?

Therapeutic Results:

  • A Better Night’s Sleep:

The National Sleep Foundation, which offers sleep-related education and research, included this in a Facebook post on Healthy Sleep Tips: “Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine such as a warm soak in a whirlpool bath or hot tub and then reading a book or listening to soothing music.”

  • Rejuvenation & Better Circulation:

Warm water or Hydro therapy promotes stress release and  can ease minor aches and pains. The heat of the water helps increase blood circulation which is essential to getting your body the vitamins, nutrients and oxygen it needs to function.  Relaxing in a hot tub can increase vasodilatation which allows vitamins and  minerals to more easily flow through the bloodstream, helping soothe sore and over worked muscles.

  • A Bonded Family:

These days with activities and tech gadgets ruling our days as well as our children’s owning a  hot tub can be a great way to bond together as a family without the distractions.  A hot tub offers a place to connect  and relax as a family. Parents can remove  stress from their day and the kids love to play. Having trouble connecting with your teen? The family hot fub can offer a great time to talk with your teens with out the distraction of computers, cell phones and video games.

  • Less Anxiety:

In the early 1900s, mental institutions in the United States used whirlpool tubs and other forms of hydrotherapy to calm agitated, out-of-control patients. According to “A History of Somatic Therapies,” published by the Veterans Administration Mental Illness Research and Clinical Center, doctors in the 1920s were able to document positive physiological changes when patients were treated with submersion in a special whirlpool tub. The water flow and temperature were adjusted by an attendant, and notable changes in blood pressure, pulse and respiration were observed and documented in the agitated patients. Similarly, whirlpool therapy can alleviate the stress and anxiety you may be experiencing from work or family issues. A demanding career and the search for a healthy balance between work and family are reasons to use a day spa to help you unwind. The day-spa experience can be created at home with a whirlpool tub, aromatherapy sea salts, candles and soft music while you soak and relax. (source


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Fall and Winter Hot Tub Maintenance

The temperature is falling,  and the leaves changing colors. Fall is great time for apple cider as well as planning  your fall and winter hot tub maintenance routine.

If you’re not planning to use your hot tub this winter, you will want to properly winterize it.  If you will be using your hot tub during the chilly winter months here are some  quick tips for maintenance to keep your hot tub working properly. Disclaimer: these are tips for proper care. Please consult your manufacturer recommendations as well.

Regular maintenance is important to extend the life of your spa. And it only takes a few minutes a week.

Weekly Check List:

  • Test Chlorine Levels.  Be sure they fall between 3-5 mg.
  • Test the PH level. You want to be right between 7.2-7.6.
  • Is your water foaming? Use Anti Foam. Be sure to follow the instructions on the   bottle and use a spray bottle to apply.

If your spa is exposed to the elements, it is also important to care for the cover. Air drying is best when it is possible.  We also suggest using cleaners specifically for cover cleaning.

Other reminders for winter maintenance.

Monthly Check List:

  • Shock you Hot Tub with a suitable agent for your unit. It’s important to keep your water clean and clear.

Periodic Check List:

  • Clean hot tub cover with a cover cleaner.
  • Change water
  • Replace Hot Tub filters (6 months- 1 year)

Proper hot tub maintenance will help your spa retain its beauty and performance, and ensure it continues to be a source of stress relief, relaxation and family fun for years to come.

If you have questions or want additional information we can supply you with all the information, supplies, and accessories you need.

Want to learn more consider attending our Spa School on November 10, 2011 at the East Syracuse location. RSVP with Angel at 315-463-7727.  More details can be found here: Tarson Pools